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Increased Website traffic 10 times Generating over 200 times more leads per month

EZ Wheels Driving School needed to focus on developing their online presence. They knew that traditional marketing strategies like radio, direct mail and yellow pages were ineffective, they wanted a better solution to give them full control of their digital marketing strategy.
10 x’s increase in organic website traffic thru inbound marketing
200 x’s increase in quality leads generated per month
5 conversion paths with conversion rates as high as 10%

About EZ Wheels Driving School

EZ Wheels Driving School is one of the premier driving schools in the country, serving New Jersey and New York.

Inbound Marketing, Responsive Web Design, SEO, Blogging, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Analytics, Commercial Driving School Marketing, Specialty School Marketing EZ Wheels Driving School is one of the premier commercial driving schools in the country, serving New Jersey and New York. Victor Martinez, the company’s owner has successfully used VM Inbound Marketing to attract more traffic to ezwheelsdriving.com the company’s website as well as generate new leads for his business. Challenge: EZ Wheels had a static website, lack of internet presence, was not generating business or leads from their old website, with no business analytics to make sound decisions. EZ Wheels had a low budget website developed by a freelance web developer that could not be found for updates. They thought about going to Super media but they would only find same results. Solution: Redesigned a fully responsive website, integrated inbound marketing strategies including blogging, SEO, optimized conversion paths, social media marketing and marketing analytics EZ Wheels Driving School turned to VM Inbound Marketing to redesign and market their business online. We started the process with Victor and EZ Wheels Driving School with a complete website redesign to create a faster more user friendly site that would be responsive. We identified and created specific goals with EZ Wheels. Together we identified what a quality lead is as defined by EZ Wheels Driving School. We set targets that tied back to increasing revenue, maximizing their budget and improving the ROI. We set up analytics and reporting to provide Victor and EZ Wheels Driving School with the data they wanted.



In February 2013, when Victor first got started with VM Inbound Marketing, unique visits per month were a little over 30. Today, 2 years later, his unique visitor’s traffic is over 3000. This past year, it increased by 243%. Most importantly, the leads generated are targeted and converting.

EZ Wheels Driving School has experienced tremendous growth in site traffic as well in quality bottom of the funnel lead generation.

We are entering into another stage and introducing 3 more conversion path to increase new segments of their business and continued growth. We will continue to grow the amount of traffic to EZ Wheels Driving School Website. Introducing other aspects of inbound marketing to improve his online business and simply other aspects of the overall marketing plan.


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