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Lead Generation


Our Inbound Lead generation program is focused on ORGANIC LEAD CREATION and RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Today, more than ever, consumers start their buying process with the Internet. This is true for both B2B and B2C consumers. The tools they use; search engines, social media & the blogosphere. An Inbound Marketing Strategy, for lead generation, is about building your lead funnel or pipeline, with organic leads.

Consumers are out there searching for what you provide. Our Custom Lead Generation programs will put you in front of them. To GET FOUND at all levels of the buying cycle. To CONVERT them to leads so you can engage and nurture them into customers. Providing the data to improve your close ratios. A well-designed inbound marketing strategy will create a momentum that is sustainable and scalable.

Over time, as your business grows and the need to generate more leads increases, our programs will meet those needs and the cost per lead will go down. This is drastically different as compared to more expensive and inefficient methods of generating leads, such as telemarketing, trade shows, and purchased lists, all of which are interruption based, all of which, the cost per lead goes up.

Inbound Lead Generation

Fill your funnel with prospects, at all levels of the buying cycle. The leads generated through our inbound marketing efforts will also provide information such as;

The stage of the buying process the lead is in

How long they have been stopping by your site and “kicking the tires”

Identify what offers and information are appealing to them and which are not.

Use this information to engage and nurture these prospects with even more relevant content. Monitoring the data from each prospect, enables you to best determine how you should proceed. This type of LEAD generation will have your sales group stand up and cheer.


VM Inbound lead-generating programs, include lead nurturing strategies, to effectively move your prospects along the buying cycle, so you can close more deals. It is said that almost three-quarters of the leads generated online will end up buying from you or a competitor. Why not make it to you!! Our LEAD NURTURING strategies set out to do just that. Enhance your ability to move with your leads along the purchase cycle of the consumer. Providing them with relevant content that progresses with them and keeps you top of mind, so when they are ready to make a buying decision, your business has already proven value. Your business has provided them with the content and information they needed to make a sound decision. You have just made it easier for them to buy from you. The goal is to take early sales cycle leads and make them sales-ready. Understanding your customers’ buying cycle is critical. Combining lead nurturing strategies with lead generation will have your sales team’s performance thriving.

Find out all about lead nurturing and more in this FREE internet marketing guide

  • Generate lead intelligence
  • Determine next steps to progress buy cycle
  • Produce relevant timely content
  • Create effective call to actions
  • Measure and analyze results
  • Make sales calls with qualifing information
  • Promote and monitor with social media
  • Better than word of mouth!

Lead Generation

Web Design, SEO, Local SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Lead Generation, Graphic Design, Business Branding

Lead Generation

Web Design, SEO, Local SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Lead Generation, Graphic Design, Business Branding

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