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7 Keys to Better Landing Pages and More Leads

A well designed landing page can improve your lead conversion rate dramatically. If you need to boost the number of leads you’re generating from your website, an optimized landing page design can give you the increase you are looking for. I will go over 7 specific keys to incorporate in your landing page’s that will have you converting more of your website traffic into viable leads.

  1. Effective element for your landing page templates
    • Headline and sub-headline
    • Clear and concise description of your offer
    • Supporting image
    • A well designed form to capture information
    • Optional supporting elements / testimonials/security badge
  2. Take away option to navigate.Your prospect has been able to follow your call to action and direction to get them to your landing page. Now make sure you limiting their options. You want to capture their information. You want them to complete what they came there for. You do not want to confuse things by giving them the option of clicking on a link or surfing thru the menu that will carry them away. By removing the main navigation from the page will increase your conversion rate. A very simple thing to do and very effective.
  3. Synchronize the Call to Action and the headline on landing page
    You want to make sure everything makes sense to the visitor. They clicked on your call-to-action. Because it motivated them to take action. You want to make it easy for them to take the next step. Why confuse things. Your headline on your landing page design should be clear, bold and most importantly match the connecting call to action.
  4. Short and Sweet
    It’s a landing page not a landing novel. You do not want to scare them away with a word forest. You don’t want the elements on the page to be so busy they leave. Be direct, give a simple description with a few bullet points. So they get to the form, fill and click.
  5. Maintain the motivation
    As was mentioned earlier the call-to-action did the job. The visitor took action. It is critical that you maintain their motivation to continue on. You affirm the benefits of your offer. Make sure you add a little sizzle to the description and tie the benefits back them.
  6. Include social share
    Just as you should with other promotable digital content. You want to allow your new prospects to share your landing page and offer with their friends/followers etc. The more and more you delight and provide quality content the more you will find your prospects, customer fans sharing them with their followers.
  7. If you build them they will come
    The more landing page you have the more leads you can generate. ”According to a recent marketing benchmarks report, companies see a 55% increase in leads by increasing landing pages from 10 to 15. The more content, offers and landing pages you create, more opportunities to generate more leads for your business”. As stated in “The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks and Ideas” by Jessica Meher of Hubspot.

When the push is on for higher conversion rates, more leads and sales growth, make sure you are getting the max out of your web traffic. Make sure your conversion rate are where they should be. By optimizing your landing page design you can improve your lead productivity immediately.

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