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How to Optimize your Tree Service Marketing with SEO

The internet has changed the way people learn, discover and gather information about the topics they are interested in. This is especially true when it pertains to the consumer researching for a company that provides TREE SERVICE in their area. For the homeowner they will use search engines like Google to do the initial search, to gather companies to compare. They will use the search engines even if they already have a reliable Tree Care Company they have been using for years. Search engines like Google are at the center of this discovery. Like it or not if you are a Service company, especial if you are a Tree Service Company you need to optimize your website so you appear and rank in these searches, to make sure your business is still competing for new customers.

How will my website Show up on Google

You can go to Google webmaster tools and discover that Google is an “automated search engine that uses software known as spiders to crawl the web on a regular basis and find sites to add” to their index. Google will crawl and index billions of pages.

When someone enters a search term or phrase the search engines will rank your site according to relevance to that search term. This is determined by looking at on-page and off-page factors.

Basic SEO

By optimizing both your on-page and off-page strategy you will give your website set a competitive advantage over websites that do not do this. To begin you want to use the right keywords. You want to make sure you are using keywords that are being used by your target customers. They need to be relevant to the Tree Services you provide. You want to find the keywords that have a high search volume and a lower difficulty rating. High search low difficulty will enable you to rank higher faster as you begin to set up your page and content.

Once the keyword work has been done, you will look to these on-page SEO strategies to optimize your site.

Title tags – tells the search engine what the page is about, should be unique to each page

Meta descriptions – you want to write attractive Meta descriptions as much for click through as it is for rank

Targeted keywords phrases and content – make sure the body of your content is relevant to the keywords you are using, it should be unique – you do not want the same thing on multiple pages.

Header tags – H1 tags are the subject line of your web page.

Image ALT tags – make sure all your images have alt tags, which is naming your images

Internal page linking –anchor text to link one page to another on the same site.

The on-page strategies will improve your ability to rank higher in organic search. These tactics should be done on a regular basis to ensure relevance over time.

Off-page SEO

Link building is something that needs to be done now and overtime. The process of building inbound links is very important for the success of your site. You want to build inbound links. You want link’s that are coming from other relevant sites toward yours. Also, the higher ranking the other site is the better or more weight that link holds for your website.

Local SEO

It is also good to submit your website to directories like Yahoo, Bing, as well as industry specific directories that are of value. You should do this over time. A steady growth pattern is best.

The more content you produce, blog articles, whitepapers, e-books etc. the stronger links you will be able to build. Moreover, the amount of quality ranking inbound links you have to your website the higher you will rank.

To get your website on the internet, is easy, BUT, if you want to rank and you want to get FOUND by the people that your site is intended for, you need to do some work. You will have to spend time and energy optimizing your site so that Google or other search engines rate and rank you. The good news is that it can be done. If done properly, you will connect with the people searching for Tree care and they will be able to connect with you.

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