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Tree service company, Maplewood Tree Experts See 10x’s more website traffic, 88x’s the increase in leads generated & improves total customers generated by website 44x’s.

Maplewood Tree Experts had a template, non-responsive static website created by Super Media. It was generating very little traffic, even fewer usable leads and did not convert enough customers to justify the investment. They knew they wanted to grow and realized that their website needed to be a source for more business. But, they did not have the time or expertise to manage the website, social media etc. Furthermore they did not want to. They chose VM Inbound and went with the suggestion for an inbound marketing strategy.

10 x’s website traffic
88 x’s leads generated
44 x’s Customers

About Maplewood Tree Experts

Maplewood Tree Experts a well-established tree service company located in New Jersey. They have been delivering the very best service to the residents of NJ since 1975. Over that time they had developed a fine reputation and relied on word of mouth to fuel their growth.

They still provide the same great service. Their knowledge and expertise for the work they perform has never been better. The only thing that has changed is the way new customer find both services and products they need.

For this reason, Maplewood Tree Experts have turned to the internet and more specifically VM Inbound to make sure they stay in front of the customers that need the services they provide in the area’s that they provide it.

Marketing Services deployed by VM Inbound for Maplewood Tree Experts.

Inbound Marketing, Responsive Web Design, SEO, Blogging, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Analytics.

Challenge: Maplewood Tree Experts had a static website, lack of internet presence, was not generating business or leads from their old website, with no business analytics to make sound decisions. They did not have the time, desire or expertise to do any of the internet marketing task needed to be successful online. They did not want to “play around with social media” themselves the just wanted results.

Solution: Redesigned a fully responsive mobile-friendly website, integrated inbound marketing strategies including blogging, SEO, optimized conversion paths, social media marketing and marketing analytics

Maplewood Tree Experts turned to VM Inbound Marketing to redesign and market their business online. We started the process with Bob and Carlo of Maplewood Tree Experts with a complete website redesign to create a faster more user friendly site that would be responsive. We identified and created specific goals with Maplewood Tree Expert. We set targets that tied back to increasing revenue, maximizing their budget and improving the ROI. We set up analytics and reports to provide Bob and Carlo the data they would need to be informed and in control of their business without the hassle of doing the work.



Maplewood Tree Experts have experienced tremendous growth in site traffic, as well as, in quality bottom of the funnel leads generated. This was at the stage of getting them established. This year we will push for much more traffic, leads and customer growth, building on the momentum created by the efforts of last year. Traffic, leads, customers and ROI will continue to grow.


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